Meeting healthcare customer needs since 2003.



Helping our customers protect their information resources is our primary goal. With hands-on experience in creating and managing information security programs, we accomplish this by:

  • Evaluating organizational flexibility when it comes to incidents, business interruptions, and disasters
  • Appraising existing policies, procedures, plans, and practices
  • Assessing reasonably anticipated threats against existing security controls
  • Offering practical solutions to reduce risks to an acceptable level
  • Providing education and mentoring
  • Creating remediation and compliance plans

tw-Security – Serving our customers since 2003. Our business is marked by:

  • Establishing long-term relationships with customers through consulting services and deliverables that provide value
  • Adhering to the highest ethical standards of behavior - the code of ethics for a CISSP which include acting honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally
  • Offering a flexible pricing structure based upon customer needs and budget. Customers should only pay for services delivered and only when they are satisfied with the work
  • Providing samples and references upon request