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tw-Security is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations protect their information resources with hands-on experience in creating and managing information security programs.

  • Nationally recognized healthcare security firm providing services since 2003
  • Acknowledged by KLAS1 as a boutique healthcare information security firm
  • Our certified consultants average more than 25 combined years of experience in information security and management
  • We provide hands-on support
  • Maintaining long-term customer relationships built on trust, respect, and the delivery of services with concern for budget limitations
  • Experienced communicators with a variety of audiences: Board of Directors, Executive ‘C’ Suite, Medical staff, Technical staff, Compliance, and Privacy and Security Officers
  • Vendor neutral (we are not a reseller of products or services)

Our Value Proposition

  • Services are provided at an affordable rate as compared with a larger consulting firm with equivalent experience, skills, and credentials
  • Certified professionals – experienced in healthcare information security
  • Recognized industry experts – our thought leaders are frequently requested to offer their perspective, insights and observations on "top of mind" security topics and trends
  • Proven cohesive methodologies focused on efficiency; measurable results


1Security and Privacy Perception 2014: High Stakes, Big Challenges, May 2014, ©2016 KLAS Enterprise, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com


  • Malicious code and spear phishing – For every hospital that makes the news, there are an undetermined number that were infected and either recovered from backups or paid the ransom and did not make the news.
  • OCR’s Audit – On March 21, the first wave of phase 2 audit letters were sent. Those chosen have 10 business days to submit the initial request for documentation. Unlike previous HIPAA audits, noncompliance findings will likely result in a settlement: fines and corrective action plans. On April 4, the OCR released the new audit protocol.
  • OCR and Business Associates - Jocelyn Samuels, Director of the Office for Civil Rights was quoted in two recent ‘HIPAA fine’ articles published by HealthData Management


Thought Leadership

Our thought leaders are frequently requested to offer their perspective, insights and observations on "top of mind" security topics and trends impacting healthcare.

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